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Welcome to AGED

An association to return something to the people who have given their best when there was the capability and options.
To bring happiness to the life of people who tried everything to bring happiness to the people around you.
To maintain a family type atmosphere and environment for the person who created the family once and struggled daily to give his best to it.
Bring health, happiness, fun, entertainment, well-being, medication and a fresh energy in the life of those who had given their all to shape our current society.
To bring smile on the face every person who was once a reason for the smiling face for the entire family and tried best to keep their happiness always after family.
To provide good and healthy diet, proper medication, fun and entertainment filled environment and a place where they feel proud and satisfied to live and lead their life.
Bring health and food, proper care and an environment for the person who has now less to worry and care for future.
Mission 2020
Bring happiness to around 20 faces, healthy life and a place where they feel to start their life again and same energetic as a few decades back.
Mission 2021
Bring happiness to around 100 faces, healthy life, fully enjoying life, fun-filled and caring their health through a round the clock doctors and nurses and available inhouse resources for their emergency medical help.
Mission 2022
An infra to accommodate and give 100 person proper life so that they can enjoy a healthy physical and mental state with all possible means to spend their life with quality time and means.