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1. Objectives of the Trust :

The members are directed and requested to maintain an environment and act in the best interest of the Trust and always try to achieve one or the other objective of the Trust.

2. Activity, Events or Programs and Members role :

The Trust is based on the relations of the members and only when a healthy environment and understanding exists it will be smooth and possible to reach the objective of the Trust. To organize any event, plan or activity all or any member have right to share his idea, plan and concept and appropriate governing body, committee or board of the Trust will always give proper chance to explain person sharing and bringing any such idea, concept and plan. Annually this will be organised for brain storming atleast twice and once in every half-year. A suggestion box and a complaint box will be set and only Managing Trustee or in his absence after the written approval of the Managing Trustee, Secretary and any one official from core-committee will check the same and has to be considered seriously and brought before the members in next monthly meeting to have discussion and plan of action if any required.

3. Membership Fees :

The membership committee or core committee will decide the Membership fees and any revision in it which will normally be annual and their decision will be final and which will be normally not more than 20% of previous year expect for first three years in which case the increase or revision may be a bit even higher to meet the objective of the Trust. The normal revision year on year will be 12%-15% as per the situation and consideration of various factors and plans of the Trust. The Membership Fees is normally payable annually and the same is due 30 days before the date of renewal and the delay beyond 30 days of date of renewal will be charged with a compensation of either Rs. 100/- or 1% per month since the sole objective of this is to manage consistent flow of fund and achievement of the Trust grater goal and mission and vision.

4. Differences and Disputes among members :

Members should always trust each other and maintain a cordial relation among each other and in case of any differences the same to be sorted out mutually or in case it continues further it will be brought further before the disciplinary committee or other management/board/trustee and their suggestion, opinion and decision will be final and binding on all.

5. Representation and Appearances :

Unless expressly permitted and prescribed no member will be allowed to appear, show, misrepresent before any public, other member or any other person, authority or platform to hold or possess any posts, power and authority.

6. Usage of Stationary, Logo and Other materials :

No member is allowed to use any mark, symbol, logo or anything including Stationary, other materials (consumable or otherwise) and items depicting or representing the Trust or any of its special designation, role or office without general or specific permission (in which case with out without any condition and time frame). It’s the duty of every member to ensure no person can do the same and bring to the notice of the core-committee or other concerned and responsible person so that proper and timely action can be taken. Members are under implied duty and compulsion to oversee that in no way any one can bring or tries to bring defame to the Trust, its activity, event or program or tries to take any extra or undue advantage and should act and take proper, logical, reasonable and legal steps to stop such mal-practice of any malafide intention to maintain the glory and image of the Trust or any of its related events, programs or anything as such.

7. Personal and Belongings :

The members are warned and suggested not to bring any or all such assets or expensive things in the premise of the Trust, any other place in its meetings or any of its events, programs or otherwise and in any case safety and security of the same is their sole concern and duty and Trust nowhere is to be considered responsible. This applies not only for material and things but equally applies for their personal health, their family, friends or relatives, etc. and in case of any specific medical history or health concern they have to take care of the same and Trust bears no responsibility or duty for either of loss partial or otherwise.

21. Illegal or Anti-social or Anti-national Activity :

Any member found or charged and proved to be involved in any activity that is declared illegal or against the interest of the society and nation (India) will be removed from the membership of the society with an opportunity to be explained in front of the Board of Trustee.

22. Revision and Changes in the Rules and regulations :

The Core-committee, Disciplinary Committee and the Managing Trustee reserves the right to make revision or changes in the rules and regulation herein mentioned to manage the Trust in more better and disciplined way and the same is applicable to all existing, new or previous member (in case it attracts on them). The members are requested to keep themselves updated and the right of any further discussion and dispute is subject to the consideration by authorities mentioned hereinbefore in this point only and cannot be challenged anywhere.

23. Confidentiality :

The members are always and in strict sense directed and requested to maintain confidentiality clause in terms of working of the trust, any event or programs to be organized or organized in past. The internal working environment and work flow, organogram and structure is in strict terms confidential and not be shared before any one unless and until its expressly permitted by proper authority or under legal compulsion before appropriate authority of law and beyond the level of avoidance if its not in their domain of functionality and scope of duty and responsibility in the Trust.

24. Supersede and Override :

Anything mentioned herein above if found contrary to the Trust Deed, supplementary or revised deed, applicable and governing laws, the Law of Land, any judicial pronouncement or orders of appropriate authority, the later will be applicable and anything mentioned in this rules and regulation for members will have no affect and impact from the day it is found contrary or as the situation demands.


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